Dillicious Street Cuisine & Catering

Dillicious Street Cuisine & Catering takes street vending and catering to a whole new level.  With countless years in the food and service industry,  Dillicious' expertise and friendly staff can host and serve any party size that fits your needs. Contact one of our staff members with any questions.


Andrew Dill's love for food began before he could walk. Growing up in an Italian based kitchen where "Sunday sauce" was frequent, he caught on real quick.  Learning from both parents, and also his brother Kevin who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, he decided to make it his career.  He noticed that Rochester's street food scene was lacking something, food that came from the heart.  So when he started his business, he called it "Not your average street meat".  He has stuck by that ever since.  Not far behind came a successful leap into professional catering. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what set's Dillicious apart from others.  Andrew has worked in some of the best culinary restaurants in Rochester that make his story unique.